Internal spine labels for SLIM compact disc cases  
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About CD Slimspine™ - Our History

By Steve Anderson, Founder and Inventor

It's all pretty simple really. It's just a label. But it works.

No, we’re not some big company with a lot of different products.  We have just one very, very simple product – an adhesive label that mounts inside the spine of a slim compact disc case.

Hi, I’m Steve and I’m a musician and a graphic designer.  For years I’d been keeping my graphic files and music recordings on CD’s stored in slim jewel cases.  In the fall of 2003 I started recording my first solo guitar CD, and I found myself lost in all of these cases.  I had hundreds of discs stored in racks, with no way to identify the disc contents from the side.  I had to constantly pull each disc out of the rack – one by one – to look at the front cover to see what was on it.  Writing on the spine wouldn’t work, and putting some narrow sticker on the outside of the case would be difficult to align.  So I thought about how to mount some type of sticker inside the case, and within a few minutes of experimenting with a piece of paper, I came up with the idea that today is known as the CD Slimspine™.

At the time, I didn’t even think I had invented something.  I figured it was so simple that it must already exist.  But after doing some extensive internet searching, I found out that to my amazement… it didn’t.  Not being an inventor, and not having any prior business experience or connections at any big companies, I didn’t know what to do.  So I kept my idea secret until I found a patent attorney.  And after a few years of back-and-forth with the attorneys and with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, my patent was granted.

I solicited a local printing company here in Upstate New York to manufacture the labels, and I got help from my software developer friends Heidi and Jamie in creating our printing software.  And so CD Slimspine LLC was born.  We’re strictly an online company so far, and business is strong and constantly growing.  We sell all around the world, from here in New York all the way to Perth, Australia.  (Look at a globe… Perth is as far away as you can get from us!)  We’re getting a lot of customers asking us if our labels are available in stores, and all I can say is we’re still working on it.  You’ll be the first to know when it happens!

The CD Slimspine™ label isn’t just an office supply product.  It’s an organizational tool – an accessory to a product that everyone already has.  Seriously, who doesn’t have stockpiles of slim CD cases?  Do what so many of us are doing, and organize all of your discs… whether they’re CD’s, DVD’s, or blu-rays.  And do it cheaply and easily with the the CD Slimspine™ label.  Made in the USA!

Thanks for stopping by!

Steve Anderson
Founder, CD Slimspine LLC
Cohoes, NY

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